CGTN:Ghana's China trained doctor restoring sight to locals

  • 2023-10-17 10:53:21
  • CGTN


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Ghana's Average Cataract Surgical Rate (CSR) stands at 523 surgeries per million population. It falls drastically short of the World Health Organisation's recommended target of 2,000 surgeries per million population. The gap between the actual CSR and the WHO target is a cause for concern because it indicates that a large number of Ghanaians with cataracts are not receiving the necessary treatment to prevent blindness.

Nathaniel Yaw Oppong from Ghana came to China in 2017, after studying at Shenyang based He Eye Specialists Hospital, he went back to Ghana and opened a medical centre with the aim of giving sight back to Ghanaian patients. Today, the medical centre not only performs cataract surgeries restoring sight to local patients but also provides training to local doctors, elevating overall medical standards in the region.

The Belt and Road Ophthalmologist Training Program is a project sponsored by China's Ministry of Commerce, which aims to provide young ophthalmologists from participating countries in the Belt and Road Initiative with advanced training in ophthalmic diagnostic reasoning, treatment concepts, and surgical techniques to improve their professional skills and to fill the shortage in local demand for ophthalmologists.



  来自加纳的Nathaniel Yaw Oppong于2017年来到中国,在沈阳何氏眼科医院学习后,他回到加纳,开设了一家医疗中心,旨在让加纳患者恢复视力。如今,该医疗中心不仅为当地患者进行白内障手术,恢复视力,还为当地医生提供培训,提高了该地区的整体医疗水平。